Responsibility Mixed In

Concrete is one of the most common man-made products on earth, requiring vast amounts of raw materials and considerable energy to process them. So any company, like Lehigh Hanson Canada (LHC), making concrete products in large quantities is going to have a big impact on communities and the environment.

Concrete products are a mixture of aggregates, such as sand and gravel, water, and cement, made from limestone. So that means that LHC operates aggregate pits and production facilities. Our responsibility begins as soon as we begin to take sand, gravel or limestone out of the ground and continues through to the full production of our products.

That's why we need everyone at Lehigh Hanson Canada to work responsibly from the beginning of our process to the end, in ways that minimize negative consequences for people and planet.

We call our approach Responsibility Mixed In. At every stage of our process, we ask employees at LHC to look for ways to make concrete that’s better for everyone. By taking more care every step of the way, we're making concrete products in ways that protect the health and safety of employees, conserve natural resources and habitats, and make fewer demands on local communities.