Step 5: Do I Need a Concrete Pump?

Step 5: Do I Need a Concrete Pump?

Reasons you may need a concrete pump:

  1. Concrete pumps dramatically cut down on the amount of concrete that’s wasted on site. Concrete pumps will speed up placement and lower labour costs.

  2. Pumps are ideal for pumping concrete in areas with restricted access. When concrete is needed in the back of a house with limited side access and also to reframe channelling directly through your house, the boom would use an articulating robotic arm safely over the roof.

  3. Concrete pumping is a much more modern and efficient way of getting the job done, and it’s also a great deal faster. That frees up your team to work on other tasks while the concrete’s being pumped.

  4. Concrete pumps can be used with any type of concrete we provide, so they’re incredibly versatile.

Local concrete pumping contractors:

Island Concrete Pumping250-618-2418
Mid Isle Holdings250-538-7408 / 250-739-9541

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