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Step 3: Finishing

Step 3: Finishing

If you need help placing and finishing concrete, below is a list of concrete finishers in your area who specialize in finishing various types on concrete.

Correct Concrete250-619-3145
Harbour City Concrete Works250-390-2554
Bill Reed 250-752-1175
Ken Speers250-954-9182
Excel Concrete250-618-8129
Island Concrete Finishing250-753-0035
Braden Conley250-715-6244
Ed’s Concrete250-390-3875
Jan Borelli250-756-4615
Sean MacDowell250-732-5964
Shawn Drake 250-748-2293
Steve Bellerose250-619-6980
Steve Cumpstone250-739-3856
Steve Mitchell250-210-0737
Coastal Concrete250-709-2875
Rick Walz250-752-6325
Dave Mitchell250-248-0805
Paul Borsboom250-752-1577
Excel Concrete250-618-8129
Marcel Kramer250-752-7455
Mark Youngberg250-752-3112
Hank Lenko250-247-7648
Jordy Alexander250-741-4285