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Step 1: Excavation

Step 1: Excavation

Determine if your project will require site excavation. Below is a list of contractors that can assist you.

Hoedown Excavating250-729-9918
Graf Excavating250-245-8762
Bayshore Construction250-248-6722
Big Iron 250-740-7961
Moss Creekmore250-951-4747
Paul Ferris250-248-1750
Glen Pady250-927-7709
McCoy lake Excavating250-720-7596
Dave Bedard and Sons250-248-1416
Aal Cat Equipment250-248-7970
Mike Schott250-756-8869
Kelsey Landry250-756-5867
Kevin Kivela 250-951-8588
John Solmie250-616-8008
Fred’s Trucking250-619-9842
Compact Equipment250-756-6460
Tim Paugh250-756-6670
Mcneil M Contracting 250-714-9125
Bob Bye250-247-8166
Steve’s Backhoe250-756-6203
Thor Simrose250-741-4163