Step 5: Do I Need a Concrete Pump?

ABC Concrete aims to assist homeowners in all aspects of pouring concrete for new homes and do-it-yourself home renovations. Some basic steps are listed here for your reference as well as a list of local contractors.

Step 1: Excavation

Determine if your project will require site excavation. Below is a list of contractors that can assist you.

Hoedown Excavating250-729-9918
Graf Excavating250-245-8762
Bayshore Construction250-248-6722
Big Iron 250-740-7961
Moss Creekmore250-951-4747
Paul Ferris250-248-1750
Glen Pady250-927-7709
McCoy lake Excavating250-720-7596
Dave Bedard and Sons250-248-1416
Aal Cat Equipment250-248-7970
Mike Schott250-756-8869
Kelsey Landry250-756-5867
Kevin Kivela 250-951-8588
John Solmie250-616-8008
Fred’s Trucking250-619-9842
Compact Equipment250-756-6460
Tim Paugh250-756-6670
Mcneil M Contracting 250-714-9125
Bob Bye250-247-8166
Steve’s Backhoe250-756-6203
Thor Simrose250-741-4163


Step 2: Forming

Sidewalks, walls, driveways all require formwork to hold the concrete in place until it sets. Below is a list of contractors in your area that can help with this step.

Excel Concrete 250-618-8129
Milestone Contracting  888-755-9768
Harbour City Concrete Works 250-390-2554
Correct Concrete 250-619-3145
Hoedown Excavating 250-729-9918
Tim Paugh  250-756-6670
Macleod Contracting  250-739-9132
Willie Bender  250-248-7985
Devon Lay 250-616-2440
Tom Hunt  250-802-2046
Gerald Cote  250-797-1293
Brian McKinnon  250-713-1733
Hank Lenko 250-247-7648
Jordy Alexander 250-741-4285


Step 3: Finishing

If you need help placing and finishing concrete, below is a list of concrete finishers in your area who specialize in finishing various types on concrete.

Correct Concrete250-619-3145
Harbour City Concrete Works250-390-2554
Bill Reed 250-752-1175
Ken Speers250-954-9182
Excel Concrete250-618-8129
Island Concrete Finishing250-753-0035
Braden Conley250-715-6244
Ed’s Concrete250-390-3875
Jan Borelli250-756-4615
Sean MacDowell250-732-5964
Shawn Drake 250-748-2293
Steve Bellerose250-619-6980
Steve Cumpstone250-739-3856
Steve Mitchell250-210-0737
Coastal Concrete250-709-2875
Rick Walz250-752-6325
Dave Mitchell250-248-0805
Paul Borsboom250-752-1577
Excel Concrete250-618-8129
Marcel Kramer250-752-7455
Mark Youngberg250-752-3112
Hank Lenko250-247-7648
Jordy Alexander250-741-4285


Step 4: What Kind of Concrete Do I Need?

There are many different types of concrete to choose from. Larger projects like driveways can be labour intensive, while smaller jobs like setting fence posts or mailboxes are relatively easy. We offer a wide range of concrete mix designs ranging from driveways to fence posts.

Common applications and their compressive strength:

Driveway  32MPa
Garage slab32MPa
Retaining wall28MPa
Foundations20, 25, or 28MPa
Walls20, 25, or 28MPa

Kinds of Concrete

Step 5: Do I Need a Concrete Pump?

Reasons you may need a concrete pump:

  1. Concrete pumps dramatically cut down on the amount of concrete that’s wasted on site. Concrete pumps will speed up placement and lower labour costs.

  2. Pumps are ideal for pumping concrete in areas with restricted access. When concrete is needed in the back of a house with limited side access and also to reframe channelling directly through your house, the boom would use an articulating robotic arm safely over the roof.

  3. Concrete pumping is a much more modern and efficient way of getting the job done, and it’s also a great deal faster. That frees up your team to work on other tasks while the concrete’s being pumped.

  4. Concrete pumps can be used with any type of concrete we provide, so they’re incredibly versatile.

Local concrete pumping contractors:

Island Concrete Pumping250-618-2418
Mid Isle Holdings250-538-7408 / 250-739-9541

Concrete Pump